Are you currently studying at higher professional or university level? And would you, at this stage, like to take a look at Robeco? Then one of our internships could be something for you.

Assignments and research

We regularly have internships available for students from colleges and universities. These are usually final-year internships, but can also be interim internships tailored to a person’s requirements. Please view our currently available internships.


Robeco FIRST
Weena 850
3014 DA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Personal support

Before you come to us on an internship, we will hold a number of intake interviews with you. We expect you to know the area in which you wish to specialize. During your internship you will discover the opportunities that we can offer you in the future. You will also be able to make a start on developing in the right direction. You will have personal supervision during your internship, and you will receive the appropriate remuneration.

Talent in Asset Management
Talent in Asset Management

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