Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you want to know how to apply, whether you are eligible for a fundamental equity investing internship, or more details about the structure of the internship program. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. But if you have others you can email us at

How can I apply?

Send a 2 minute motivational video why you would like to be considered for a fundamental equity internship, your CV and cover letter indicating your availability to We will confirm your application and let you know whether you have made it through to our selection round in the months ahead of the internship. After this we invite the selected participants for a interview and ask them to solve an assignment beforehand which we will discuss during the interview.

What are the requirements to be accepted for a fundamental equity internship?

For all the internship vacancies at Robeco in Rotterdam the positions are open for students that are enrolled at the university at least on the first day of their internship. We require interns to be entitled to have a permit to do an internship in the Netherlands or Switzerland. This means we can recruit EU citizens studying at a global university or non-EU citizens studying at a Dutch or Swiss university.

Curious to know what kind of internships we offer?
Available internships

Based on which criteria are students selected for the internship?

In the selection round we look at your motivation video and CV. Your passion for investing needs to be clearly visible from your motivational video. Some investing experience on your CV, for example at a student investing club or for a personal account, also helps in the selection round. During the interview we will look at your level of analytical skills and creativity you put into the assignment.

Are the internships you offer suitable for a master’s thesis?

Our internship generally contains a research project, it is possible that your university supervisor approves this project as suitable for a master’s thesis. We can also work with your university to design the research project in such a way that it is suitable as a master’s thesis.

What is the background of my Robeco supervisors?

You will be supervised by an experienced fund manager and an analyst that was an intern at Robeco in the past. Besides direct supervision, one or more of the intended users of your work, such as other fund managers, sustainability experts and trend researchers, are also involved.

Can I keep investing for my personal account during my internship?

You can continue investing for your personal account, but if you want to do a transaction you have to comply with Robeco’s Private Transaction policy.

Do I receive compensation?

For our internship in Rotterdam we offer a monthly allowance of 565 EUR for all interns and a housing allowance 450 EUR for candidates that have to relocate to the Netherlands. For our internship opportunities in Zurich compensation is based on your work experience and is negotiated individually.

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