30-11-2021 · Product webinar

Energy and supply chain shortages emphasize need for Smart solutions

Global electrification is vital if the world is to decarbonize and meet the Paris Agreement. Recent spikes in energy prices have shown how vulnerable the world is while it is reliant on fossil fuels. The long-term answer lies in using renewable energy and building out the smart electricity grid, while using innovative solutions in materials sourcing and processing to counter supply shortages.


  • Pieter Busscher CFA

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Roman Boner

    Sr. Portfolio Manager

In this webinar, Pieter Busscher, Portfolio Manager of the RobecoSAM Smart Materials fund, and Roman Boner, Portfolio Manager of the RobecoSAM Smart Energy fund, explain how this results in opportunities for investors. The managers focus on innovative materials such as lithium or bio-based plastics, as well as those companies that can best reduce reliance on oil and gas.

During this session, we have covered:

  • The smart materials that can alleviate resource scarcity and aid decarbonization

  • The smart energy solutions that are making global energy greener and more efficient

  • How developments such as COP26 and all-time high carbon prices affect our outlook

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