Same strategy for all funds

Robeco Boston Partners has the same philosophy across all its investment funds as it adheres to the three circles approach for each one. The principles are applied unilaterally to the Global Premium Equities Fund, the US Premium Equities Fund, the US Large Cap Equities Fund and the US Select Opportunities Equities Fund which targets mid cap companies.

That means an investor can enjoy the same philosophy across all funds and does not need to worry about different strategies being applied to each one, each with their own pros and cons. This uniformity can give investors confidence that the strategies won’t change across asset classes.

“The most important aspect is that the Boston Partners approach is used across every product in the same way,” says Chris Hart, portfolio manager of the Global Premium Equities Fund. “The firm has been strong at taking a simple philosophy and process. We stick to it and apply it to different opportunity sets.”

“The different portfolios of Robeco Boston Partners show the same characteristics. We look for companies with a higher than average return on invested capital and earnings momentum that are better than that of the wider market. We maintain a high level of discipline to ensure that all of our attributes are reflected in the portfolio.”

“Some 35-40 years ago we started with large caps. Then we applied it to other strategies – all cap, mid-cap, small cap, long-short, global and non-US. Each successive portfolio has proven to be successful. The system is efficient and repeatable.”

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