Climate change and biodiversity take center stage in eventful year for SI

Climate change and biodiversity take center stage in eventful year for SI


The events of 2021 showed that sustainable investment and active ownership has never been more important. The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into effect, as Covid-19 still raged worldwide and the threat of climate change was laid bare with COP26 and another alarming report from the IPCC. All these trends are addressed in our 2021 Stewardship Report highlighting how Robeco dealt with these and other SI issues last year.

  • Carola van Lamoen
    van Lamoen
    Head of Sustainable Investing
  • Peter van der Werf
    van der Werf
    Engagement Specialist

During this webinar, Head of Sustainable Investing Carola van Lamoen reflected on the key achievements of the 2021 Stewardship Report and discussed the priorities for 2022. She was joined by Robeco's Active Ownership specialists who discussed why climate change and biodiversity loss remain high priorities for the team. Together they outlined some engagement successes and touched on the impact of voting at AGMs.

During the webinar they have covered:

  • The highlights of the 2021 Stewardship report on sustainable investing activities
  • Why climate change and biodiversity remain core priorities in the years to come
  • The relationship between stewardship and sustainable investment at Robeco


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