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Factor Investing Seminar
Thursday, 15 November
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich


Factor Investing: ‘A smart approach to combine Quantitative and Sustainable investing’.

Factor investing has been one of the most frequently discussed investment topics for many years now. At the same time, sustainability investing has gained considerable ground. There are solutions to combine the two approaches – and it is desirable to do both, as Robeco’s long experience in this shows.

At the 15 November event, we shared our views on how to combine these two investment styles and get the best of both worlds. In the presentations below we outline what was said, including the thoughts of some of the experts in both fields.


What you should know about Factor Investing

Jason Hsu, Ph.D., Professor in Finance, Chairman and CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors, Professor, UCLA Anderson Business School

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Is "Smart Beta" Investing really smart?

Dr. Marc-André Göricke, Partner Alpha Portfolio Advisors.

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The Corporate Sustainability Assessment & Sustainability Investing Research: a Materiality Based Approach

Jacob Messina, Head of Sustainability Investing Research at RobecoSAM

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Getting alpha out of sustainable portfolios: It Takes Two To Tango

Machiel Zwanenburg, Portfolio Manager Quantitative Equities at Robeco
Bernhard Breloer, Quant Client Portfolio Manager Robeco

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