Pioneers in emerging markets

Emerging markets: finding alpha

Emerging markets have evolved from a fledgling asset class to a diverse group of countries driving global growth. In this varied asset class, there is always an opportunity somewhere for investors to find alpha. In our Guide to Emerging Markets Investing we share some key insights on how to go about this.

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Why emerging markets?

Our first emerging markets equity strategy was launched in 1994 and has regularly been improved by investment process enhancements. We have continuously built on our experience through innovation. We believe in-depth research and a contrarian approach enables us to find alpha in all markets.

  • 25 years of innovation
  • 4 major inefficiencies to exploit
  • 1994 The first dedicated team
  • Two strategies can be stronger than one

    We offer quant and fundamental emerging markets equity strategies. This white paper shows how combining a fundamental and a quantitative strategy can benefit investors.

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  • Embracing ESG in emerging markets

    ESG in emerging markets is often considered a contradiction in terms. Is it possible to invest in emerging markets with a level of sustainability that goes far beyond the usual approaches?

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  • Country selection is crucial in emerging markets

    In this third paper we look at the significant differences within the emerging market universe and how this is reflected in performance. This is not just a risk factor, it is also an opportunity.

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Goldilocks vs Armageddon: It’s time to buy EM
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Buy Armageddon, sell Goldilocks
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Emerging stocks could make a comeback in 2019
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The what, why and how of emerging markets investing

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