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The story of Robeco, the Investment Engineers

Robeco at a glance

Robeco is an international asset manager offering an extensive range of active investments, from equities to bonds. Research lies at the heart of everything we do, with a ‘pioneering but cautious’ approach that has been in our DNA since our foundation in Rotterdam in 1929. We believe strongly in sustainability investing, quantitative techniques and constant innovation.

Research from the very beginning

As Investment Engineers, we have placed the acquisition of knowledge at our core ever since our first director said “every investment strategy should be research-driven”. Through the unique integration of three types of research - Fundamental, Sustainable and Quantitative - we can offer ground-breaking investment strategies to our clients.

Our philosophy

Robeco in Switzerland

Robeco has had a strong presence in Switzerland since 1972, when we opened our first office in Zurich. This was followed by another office in Geneva, to serve the French-speaking part of the country.

Robeco Switzerland Ltd is a FINMA-licensed asset manager for collective investment schemes. At our Zurich offices, we employ around 90 people in the Investments, Sustainable Investment Research, Corporate Services and Sales Switzerland departments. 

The Swiss location is a pioneer in sustainable investing, based on a commitment shaped by a long-standing cooperation with Swiss market leader Sustainable Asset Management (RobecoSAM), which was founded in 1995 and acquired by Robeco in 2006.

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1929: Laying the Foundations

Just weeks after the Wall Street Crash, seven Rotterdam businessmen formed a syndicate to invest people's savings and manage money collectively. They named it the Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium, later shortened to Robeco. They thought stocks had hit at a low point, but due to the Great Depression, they lost half their money in the first two years. However, they persevered, laying the foundations for the modern Robeco.
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Facts & Figures

  • Robeco has EUR 199 billion AuM (September 2021)
  • We invest in emerging markets since 1930
  • We have developed high yield investment strategies since 1998
  • EUR 175 billion is managed in ESG-integrated assets (September 2021)
  • EUR 83 billion is managed based on Quant models (September 2021)
  • We employ 927 people at 17 offices worldwide (September 2021)


Robeco Switzerland Ltd. is a subsidiary of Robeco. Robeco has both functional oversight of Robeco Switzerland Ltd. and majority representation on the Board of Directors.

Robeco is fully owned by ORIX Europe, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation. ORIX Corporation is a Japanese business conglomerate that started operating in 1964. 

Robeco has an Executive Committee and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Committee develops and executes the Robeco strategy, and manages the company on a day-to-day basis. The Supervisory Board monitors the execution of the company policy and advises the Executive Committee. Its members includes a representative from ORIX Corporation.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Robeco has been at the forefront of sustainable investing since the launch of our first sustainable investing product in 1995. It is our belief that there can be no recovery from the current crisis without sustainability – because it’s not just an economic crisis, it’s also a health crisis, brought on by a climate and biodiversity crisis. This crisis offers us the opportunity to address the environmental, social and governance issues that are fundamental to a sustainable recovery. Read all about this in our Sustainability Report 2020.

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