Where to invest in 2018? In our 2018 global investment outlook we present the main investment topics for the upcoming year. We look at central banks policies, the state of the world economy and financial markets. 

There is no denying that we are now in a late stage cycle, with all the associated signs of wear and tear. But that in itself is no reason to become too pessimistic overnight.

Eurozone is outperforming the US
But beware the loose monetary policy
Inflation is not dead
Monetary policy may have greatly destabilized asset prices inflation
Investment outlook 2018
Winner takes all
The rise of the number of top earners seems to have coincided with that of the so-called zombie companies
Spend it like it’s 1999

Will underinvestment kill growth? 

We think not.

Brexit - time is ticking away
The Brexit saga will continue to be a substantial drag on the economy
Bonds are not that safe
It is quite likely that bond bulls will be challenged
China's rise of debt continues
More can-kicking, which will eventually lead to a bigger crash, seems to be the option of choice
Never underestimate US growth potential
Mind you, the risks are on the upside in 2018
Falling spreads, rising risks
Credit spreads have compressed to cycle lows, while covenant quality erosion has hit cycle highs
Will quantitative tightening
This stock market is still about much more than 'close your eyes and buy'