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Continuous learning is an important part of any professional investor’s career, particularly as times change so rapidly. This convenient, online study course gives you instant access to CPD hours.

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  • What is it?

    Online educational modules on Sustainable Investing and Factor Investing.
  • How does it work?

    Each module consists of six to eight chapters taking up to 10-15 minutes each.
  • CPD hours to be earned

    Each module ends with a test, leading to a CPD certificate, accredited by the CFA Institute, EFPA, CII, CISI, FPA, IBF and FPSB.
  • Sustainable Investing

    Sustainable Investing

    These module takes you through the basics, from what it is and how it works, to themes, active ownership and case studies, and then summarizing what has been learnt.
    Read and do the test
  • SDG Investing

    SDG Investing

    The Sustainable Development Goals have captured the imagination of investors. This module explains what they are and why they’re important in six clear chapters with charts, videos and case studies.
    Read and do the test
  • Climate Investing

    Climate Investing

    Climate change has become the biggest issue facing investors, with profound implications for portfolios as we transition to a lower-carbon world. This module explains the risks and opportunities that this all presents.
    Read and do the test
  • Factor Investing

    Factor Investing

    Factor investing seeks returns from market anomalies. Our module gives you the Essential knowledge about the different factors and how they work.
    Read and do the test
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