Our philosophy
Research from the very beginning

Our philosophy

At Robeco we have a strong belief that being an investment engineer requires both a pioneering spirit and a good dose of caution in equal measure.

We were one of the first asset managers to pioneer investing in emerging markets, the first to take sustainability investing seriously, and one of the first to adopt quantitative investing using advanced research techniques. Now we integrate sustainability investing as standard, while constantly developing new techniques in a range of fields including factor investing, equity trends and high yield bonds.
This is only possible because we have consistently based our investment decisions on thorough research and sound risk management, assuming a long-term view. We still operate as a pure-play asset manager today, with an active investment style, and our aim is to continue to achieve outperformance for clients.

Investing is all we do

‘We crash test the world, not our clients’

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial and sustainability goals by providing superior investment returns and solutions. We do this by offering a compact, client-oriented and distinctive range of actively managed investment strategies and pension/investment solutions. To help achieve sustainability goals, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are now routinely integrated into the entire fundamental equity, fixed income and quant ranges, as standard. We also offer bespoke sustainability funds, multi-asset and alternative investments, and private equity strategies.

Today, we are part of ORIX Europe, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, a Japanese business conglomerate based in Tokyo, Japan. We are active globally, with investment and client teams in branch offices from Miami to Hong Kong that understand local market conditions and clients’ needs. And as we are a pure play asset manager, we do not have the distractions of offering other financial services such as banking or insurance. Investing is all we do: we are the Investment Engineers.

Portfolio managers integrate fundamental, quant & sustainability research

Successful pioneers are also cautious. The key to combining both these elements is rigorous research, building on our first director’s belief that “every investment strategy should be research-driven”. To achieve this, we draw fully on our talented investment managers, researchers, analysts and specialists to find the best ideas. Working through a process, we ‘crash test’ strategies to identify – and solve – problems. Put simply, if we can’t prove it, we don’t launch it.

And so our mission remains to use a research-based, quality-driven process to produce the best possible long-term results for our clients. We uniquely integrate fundamental, quantitative and sustainability research. Portfolio managers use the insights from all three, allowing them to make better-informed investment decisions. Risk management is essential, which is why we say we will always believe in long-term, sustainable capital growth.


Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum of investing, from mainstream equity and fixed income asset classes, to more complex alternatives and multi-asset strategies.

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