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Overview Emerging Markets

Open house at China Resources Power

16-01-2017 | Insight | Sylvia van Waveren

Following accusations of an environmental UN Global Compact breach, we actively engaged with China Resources & Power (CRP). The company convincingly refuted the allegations and demonstrated great openness to its stakeholders.

A glittering decade for Robeco Emerging Stars

09-01-2017 | Insight | Jaap van der Hart

It has been an eventful ten years for emerging markets. Marked by the rise of China, political turmoil, seesawing commodity prices, but also growth and positive market returns, according to Jaap van der Hart, portfolio manager of Robeco Emerging Stars Equities.

South Africa leads emerging markets ESG survey

15-12-2016 | Insight | Koos Burema, Michael van der Meer

Robeco has been incorporating sustainability in the analysis of emerging markets companies for over 15 years. What started as a corporate governance survey in 2001 evolved into an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) survey in 2014. In this year’s survey, South Africa continues to be in the lead, while India and Mexico are the biggest risers.

Trump and the ‘new’ China

07-12-2016 | Insight | Victoria Mio

Trump, trade and the ongoing transition to a ‘new’ China. What can we expect from China in 2017 and what effects will potential changes in the world order have on developments there?

Outlook 2017: Time for Plan B

28-11-2016 | Outlook | Léon Cornelissen, Lukas Daalder, Peter van der Welle

This year we have broken with tradition and compiled our look-ahead as a dynamic infographic. Given the tumultuous changes seen in 2016 we have entitled our outlook 'Time for Plan B'. In our 2017 outlook we focus on more than a dozen issues, including the US economy, Europe's 'problem children' Italy and the UK, China, emerging markets and valuations of stocks worldwide.

Bonds shrug off Trump's Brexit-style surprise win

09-11-2016 | Insight | Kommer van Trigt

The reaction of bond markets to Donald Trump’s surprise victory was not as bad as the aftermath of the Brexit, and could eventually benefit fixed income investors, say Robeco’s fund managers.

Investors should adopt a defensive stance to equities

09-11-2016 | Insight | Mark Glazener

Investors should adopt a defensive stance towards stocks following the Republican landslide in the US elections, say Robeco’s equity portfolio managers.

Emerging Europe: Poland and Hungary are lost in transition

08-11-2016 | Insight | Dimitri Chatzoudis, Wim-Hein Pals

After two decades of strong economic growth, emerging Europe has lost momentum. Robeco Emerging Markets Equities is currently not invested in Central and Eastern Europe because of the unstable economic policy in the region. “Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have to be careful that their economies do not end up in structural slowdown mode. Brexit is a longer-term risk.”

Egypt: devaluation paves way for IMF support and economic recovery

04-11-2016 | Insight | Cornelis Vlooswijk

On November 3, 2016, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced a devaluation of the Egyptian Pound (EGP), stating that from now on free market forces will set the exchange rate. This move doesn’t impact our global emerging markets portfolios and has only limited impact on the African equities strategy.

Emerging countries India and Indonesia regain their allure

11-10-2016 | Insight | Karnail Sangha, Wim-Hein Pals

India and Indonesia are both overweight positions in the Robeco Emerging Markets Equities portfolio. Just three years ago, both of these emerging economies were members of the Fragile Five, but they have learned their lesson.

Engaging for sustainable palm oil

03-10-2016 | Insight | Peter van der Werf

Palm oil is used in many products including food and cosmetics. It is faced with several environmental and social issues that have become a reputational risk. We are engaging with companies in this industry to improve their performance on issues such as human rights, deforestation and labor standards.

Emerging markets: the grain that will grow?

26-09-2016 | Insight | Peter van der Welle

In the past two decades emerging markets have experienced bust, boom and lately a more stable phase. Not surprisingly, investors now wonder whether it is still worth investing in the region.

An investor’s perspective on Turkey’s coup attempt

25-08-2016 | Insight | Dimitri Chatzoudis

After the recent coup attempt, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strengthened his grip on the country. In our view, current developments do not bode well for Turkey’s political and economic future, causing us to reduce our holdings in this country to an underweight position.

Emerging Debt fund celebrates five years of outperformance

02-08-2016 | Insight | Paul Murray-John

A renaissance for emerging markets on the back of a weaker US dollar is proving a very happy birthday for Robeco’s Emerging Debt fund.

Emerging equities are on their way back

02-08-2016 | Insight | Dimitri Chatzoudis, Fabiana Fedeli, Jaap van der Hart, Wim-Hein Pals

The Emerging Markets Equity team has turned tactically bullish on emerging markets equities. This means that we expect emerging equities to outperform developed equities both in the short and in the long term. In our outlook we explain why, addressing the concerns investors have about this asset class.

Brazil’s problems run too deep for Olympic boost

21-07-2016 | Insight | Daniela da Costa - Bulthuis, Léon Cornelissen, Paul Murray-John

Brazil’s economy is unlikely to win the gold medal for hosting the Olympics as its problems lie too deep, say Robeco’s experts on investing in the country.

Beware of over-reacting to Turkish coup attempt

18-07-2016 | Insight | Wim-Hein Pals, Paul Murray-John

Investors should not over-react to the attempted Turkish coup as normality returns, say Robeco’s experts on investing in the country.

Robeco New World Financial Equities: no ordinary financials fund

27-06-2016 | Insight | Patrick Lemmens

Don't expect the standard list of banks, insurers and asset managers in the portfolio of Robeco New World Financial Equities. Do expect a contrarian approach to the financial sector. “Investors need to consider the specific risk profile of this fund, though it's certainly not a downside. It is a solid investment fund of above-average quality that has earned the Morningstar Analyst Rating Bronze.”

Nigeria takes short-term pain

21-06-2016 | Press release | Cornelis Vlooswijk, Jeroen van Oerle

The Central Bank of Nigeria ended a 16-month currency peg and moved to a floating exchange rate regime on 20 June. As a result, the Nigerian naira fell by 42%. This decision should boost Nigeria’s economic growth and foreign direct investments in the long run. However, Robeco Afrika takes a cautious stance until tangible improvements are clear.

MSCI verdict on Chinese shares could speed up liberalization

17-06-2016 | Insight | Victoria Mio

A decision by MSCI to delay the inclusion of Chinese A-shares in a key index could speed up liberalization of the market, says fund manager Victoria Mio.

Winners and sinners in country sustainability rankings

13-06-2016 | Insight | Max Schieler

Sweden is still the world’s most sustainable country, while the UK faces a stability threat due to the Brexit vote, and the refugee crisis is a major global risk, according to the latest RobecoSAM assessment.

Advance Magazine June 2016

09-06-2016 | Magazine | Vera Krückel

Our latest Advance magazine leads on how investors need to rethink demographics, plus all the latest developments in sustainability investing.

India is playing catch up with China

08-06-2016 | Insight

The IMF’s April 2016 World Economic Outlook publication outlined how India will be the world’s fastest growing major economy through 2016-17 at 7.5% – something that has not gone unnoticed by fund buyers and investment professionals across the globe.

Robeco’s star search in Asia

18-05-2016 | Insight | Michiel van Voorst

In his skeptical, contrarian and patient manner, Robeco Asian Stars fund manager Michiel van Voorst searches for companies that are wrongly undervalued. Join us on a contrarian investment journey through Asia. “China sometimes takes two steps forward and one step back, but the economy is reforming.”

Brazil after the impeachment, what is next?

12-05-2016 | In the news | Daniela da Costa - Bulthuis

After four months of discussions in Brazilian Congress, Brazil's Senate concluded that President Dilma Rousseff should face a full impeachment trial. The emerging markets equity team is cautiously optimistic and has reduced its underweight in Brazil.

Signs of stabilization in emerging markets

10-05-2016 | Insight | Fabiana Fedeli

Last year was a perfect storm for Emerging Markets: concerns about China amid slowing growth, volatile domestic equity markets and the removal of the currency peg to the US dollar, along with weak commodity prices, the Fed hike and its impact on local currency depreciation all took their toll.

Is local emerging debt on its way back?

05-04-2016 | Insight | Kommer van Trigt, Paul Murray John

Having been cautious on the asset class for years, Robeco Global Total Return Bond Fund has recently built up a 6% position in local emerging debt.

Are we seeing a turnaround for emerging markets in 2016?

09-02-2016 | Outlook

After three years of poor performance, senior European fund buyers and strategists are asking themselves if 2016 could possibly be the year when a little optimism might break out in emerging markets.

Beware the ‘self-fulfilling outcome’ of market sentiment

08-02-2016 | Monthly outlook | Lukas Daalder

Financial markets are in danger of creating a ‘self-fulfilling outcome’ that will send asset values even lower unless common sense breaks out, says Robeco’s Lukas Daalder.

Investment experts: investors should steer a pragmatic course

25-01-2016 | Interview

Investors are still operating in a difficult, volatile market. Investment strategists Han Dieperink (Rabobank), Nathan Levy (ING) en Pim Lausberg (ABN Amro) agree on this, but they also each add their own interesting nuances to the outlook for financial markets and investing.

Africa: the next investment frontier

18-01-2016 | Insight

Although ‘Africa risk’ has increased because of falling commodity prices, investors should look through this short-to-medium-term macro turbulence and position themselves for a rebound.

China averts short circuit, markets relieved

08-01-2016 | Insight | Jaap van der Hart, Victoria Mio

On January 7, the A-share market fell sharply after the opening bell. This triggered the new circuit breaker mechanism which had been implemented on the first trading day of 2016, freezing trading on the stock markets for the second time this year.

Asia has what it takes to face the challenges of 2016

08-01-2016 | Insight | Arnout van Rijn

A stabilizing Chinese economy; a greater focus on corporate governance in Japan – and also in Korea and China; and less volatile currency markets, with no further depreciation of Asian currencies.

Forget China - it’s the US that really moves markets

05-01-2016 | Insight | Lukas Daalder

Chinese growth fears and Middle East tensions caused equity markets to open the new year with significant falls – but it is the US that investors should focus on, says Robeco’s Lukas Daalder.

Advance November 2015 - Sustainability Investing in focus

24-11-2015 | Magazine

Our latest Advance magazine leads on how we engage with carbon companies, plus all the latest developments in sustainability investing.

The year of diminishing returns

17-11-2015 | Insight | Lukas Daalder, Léon Cornelissen, Peter van der Welle

The year of increasing volatility: that was the key takeaway in the Outlook 2015 we presented last year. Volatility we forecasted and volatility we got.

Stock selection more important than ever

17-11-2015 | Insight | Mark Glazener

Easy stock price gains will be a thing of the past in 2016. This is why we are focusing even more on good quality companies with solid cashflows and high returns on invested capital. Europe and Japan are our favorite developed markets.

Global approach increasingly important for bonds

17-11-2015 | Insight | Kommer van Trigt

Flexibility is important. Don't get tied down. Keep searching for attractive yields, be selective and make sure you are rewarded for the risk you take. That is the mantra for bond investors in 2016.

Emerging markets: the value of strategic allocation

12-11-2015 | Insight | Weili Zhou, CFA, Wilma de Groot, CFA

The added value of allocating to emerging markets (EM) has always been a topic of discussion among equity investors, especially when there was a large difference in performance with developed markets (DM). After a period of market decline, investors sometimes consider to lower the weight of emerging markets in their portfolio. What are the lessons that history can teach us?

Robeco Emerging Conservative Equities: an uncommon but proven combination of 3 factors

12-11-2015 | Insight | Arlette van Ditshuizen

Emerging markets are going through a volatile period, but the defensive investment strategy of Robeco Emerging Conservative Equities is proving its worth by outperforming the index. “Despite its relatively short history, we are very confident about the fund as is demonstrated by its Bronze Morningstar Analyst Rating. The results are more than promising.”

Not all emerging markets are created equal

22-10-2015 | Insight | Fabiana Fedeli

Emerging markets have been battered indiscriminately these past months. Now that the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater, it’s time to pick those stocks that have been unfairly hit and that can outperform in the medium to long term.

Financial inclusion as a business opportunity

22-10-2015 | Insight | Elie Aloko, Jeroen van Oerle, Patrick Lemmens

Mobile payment technology in emerging markets makes it possible to reach the unbanked in a cost-efficient way.

Emerging markets become less attractive as commodity prices fall

11-08-2015 | Insight | Lukas Daalder

Emerging markets are becoming less attractive as falling commodity prices and fears over Chinese growth pose a threat to equity values, says Robeco’s head of asset allocation.

Alternative investing: Infrastructure may prove a bridge too far

05-08-2015 | Insight | Steef Bergakker

Anyone thinking of investing in what appears to be financially beneficial new infrastructure offering stable cash flow for decades may wish to consider the case of the Skye Road Bridge.

Alternative investing: Beware the economic ‘super-cycle’ in commodities

30-06-2015 | Best read 2015 | Lukas Daalder

A market strategist once said that “if you buy commodities, you are betting against the ingenuity of people”. When natural resources become too expensive, human resources step in to find alternatives, says multi-asset investment head Lukas Daalder.

Using quant strategies in emerging markets

15-04-2015 | Insight | Wilma de Groot, CFA

The growing popularity of passive investing using index trackers has enabled many investors to access emerging markets, of which Brazil is a prominent member, at relatively low cost. However, trackers lack the positive exposure to factors which can identify the most attractive stocks.

Beyond BRICs

14-04-2015 | Best read 2015 | Wim-Hein Pals

For about a decade many investors believed investing in the four BRIC countries – a concept launched by Goldman Sachs Asset Management – was the easiest way to profit from growth in emerging markets. But times have changed. Simplification is not always the best approach.

Robeco quant EM equities outperforms generic factor indices

19-01-2015 | Research | David Blitz, PhD, Wilma de Groot, CFA

We have compared the realized performance of our quantitative emerging markets equities (QEME) strategies with the hypothetical performance of recently launched generic factor indices.

Core and Active Quant Emerging Markets: the importance of research

29-10-2014 | Research | Wilma de Groot, CFA

Robeco portfolio manager Wilma de Groot explains the importance of research and discusses two major new projects in her department. “ESG inclusion can be seen as a form of risk reduction”, she says.

Equities are the top picks for the next five years

03-10-2014 | Outlook | Lukas Daalder

What's hot and what's not for the next five years? Our portfolio managers, economists and strategists favor equities over bonds, due to the prospect of higher interest rates, but warn that returns are likely to be lower than during the previous 2014-2018 period.

Surprising results of lower volatility equities in emerging markets

01-05-2013 | Research | David Blitz, PhD, Pim van Vliet, PhD

Emerging markets have become increasingly important to equity investors due to their fast growing economies. But what is the relationship between risk and return in these markets? Answer: it is flat or even negative. Empirical results show that the volatility effect - long-term equity returns at distinctly lower downside risk - is significant, robust and distinct.

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